"Verdant Meadow"

Public Art Projects / Vail, Colorado


"Verdant Meadow"

Material: Ice and LEDs  /  Location: Vail, Colorado

Completed: 2008

Eighteen illuminated ice sculptures located in the Gore Creek Promenade in the Vail Village. At night as they are lit internally mirth colorful, energy efficient LEDs.

"Scott Rella and I come from different backgrounds both in the creative process and the ends to which our diverse practices have manifested themselves. The collaboration of bringing us together by Leslie Fordham and the Vail Arts Council, presented opportunities for us both to share and embrace our diversity and expertise. What unfolded, through our patience and willingness to learn from each other, resulted in the creation of a unique environment for the City of Vail, "Verdant Meadow". I believe our work together has forged a relationship in which the products of our endeavors strike a presence that can illuminate and stimulate."