"Solaris Project"

Public Art Projects / Vail, Colorado


"Solaris Project"

Water Tree - Size: 22ft x 27ft x 27ft  /  Material: Composite Material, Black Granite and Computer Controlled LED’s  /  Location: Vail, Colorado

Droplet - Size: 25ft x 8.5ft x 8.5ft  /  Material: Bronze, Black Granite and Fire Element 

Completed: 2007

For this project I was brought on as the artist selected as lead designer (Creative Director) for collaboration mirth EDAW. Landscape Architects then Davis Partnership Architects. Three sculptural elements are incorporated into the designed landscape which needed to be observant to the following seasonal considerations:

   •  Summer — water feature, open areas for possible markets, open areas for summer concerts, seating and contemplation

   •  Winter — ice rink, ice access, skate hire, seating and contemplation

The Plaza needed to function as an entryway, a place for seasonal programming, and as a meeting place and sanctuary for its own unique experience. Given these parameters it was an exciting task to attempt to deliver a design that would complement the above providing a truly enlightening experience grounded with the pragmatic insights necessary for successful integration with the development and the town of Vail.