Public Art Projects  /  Trinity Place, San Francisco, California


Size: 92 x 36.5 x 26.5 ft.  /  Material: 3/16 grade Stainless Steel

The “Venus” sculpture being one of 17 art elements is the centerpiece of Trinity Place's Piazza is a 92-foot stainless steel sculpture which is only slightly shorter than the Statue of Liberty as measured from heel to crown. 

It was my own interest in the studies of aesthetics, beauty and the connections to essences, which paralleled this train of thought and led me to experiment with a classical icon in the history of art “Aphrodite of Milos”. Artists throughout the ages have portrayed her in many forms, but the most memorable is the form also more familiarly known as the “Venus de Milo” from which I have modeled and played. Using digital transformative techniques I have manipulated the classic Greek figure and positioned her in such a way that she appears to have emerged, is emerging, from that below. As one navigates around her from all angles there is an abstraction that seduces the viewer to engage, ponder and inquire. It awakens the familiar, engaging the viewer on many levels, creating the unfolding of a dialogue of possibility. Of course size, scale and how this is situated in the plaza became significant factors into how the work interacts with the environment, the viewers and participants.