"C'era Una Volta"

Public Art Projects  /  Trinity Place, San Francisco, California


"C’era Una Volta" - Art Installation

Location: Trinity Place, San Francisco, California

18 sculptural elements designed for Trinity Place  /  Estimated Completion: 2018

Located in the heart of San Francisco, C’era Una Volta is an immense environmental art installation created for Trinity Place which transforms this public piazza into a place of engaging mystery and unfolding meaning. Inspired by classical icons of beauty and the stone quarries from which these ancient sculptures were made, C’era Una Volta re-envisions and abstracts classical forms using contemporary digital technologies. Historical fragments appear in transformed ways throughout the central garden and walkways. Paving artworks play with perspective, one of the prime interests of classical and Renaissance artists. Ultimately, this artwork is more than a series of objects. It is an immersive  experience created through engagement with an unassumingly unique location within the city.



Size: 92 x 36.5 x 26.5 ft.  /  Material: 316 grade Stainless Steel

The “Venus” sculpture being one of 18 art elements is the centerpiece of Trinity Place's Piazza is a 92-foot stainless steel sculpture which is only slightly shorter than the Statue of Liberty as measured from heel to crown. 

This abstracted figure is adapted from the ancient Greek sculpture known as Venus de Milo or Aphrodite of Milos (circa 130 to 100 BC), which depicts the Greek goddess of love and beauty.




8 of the 18 sculptural elements designed for the plaza  /  Material: Carrara Marble



Glass Bollards

2 of the 18 sculptural elements designed for the plaza

Size: 84 x 32 x 32 in.  /  Material: 19mm Crystal Glass Layers

Three glass bollards that have a mysterious abstracted classical form within. Daylight illuminates the core form and at night the illumination is from within.

Bollards.gif Divider.jpg


Community Table: Mensa

1 of the 18 sculptural elements designed for the plaza  /  Material: Carrara Marble